FGT NSE 2 Network Security Associate Quiz Lesson SASE


Q1. Which two cloud capabilities are combined to deliver SASE? (Choose two)
Select one or more:
Network-as-a-Service *
Security-as-a-Service *

Q2. Which statement is true regarding how SASE is delivered?
Select one:
SASE is delivered using a combination of cloud-based services and optional physical on premise devices *
SASE must be delivered using a combination of physical on premise devices and cloud-based services
SASE is delivered only to remote users, and not to branch offices
SASE must be delivered using cloud-based services only

Q3. What does the term “Thin Edge” refer to?
Select one:
An organization that consumes little to no cloud-based services
Remote users
Branch locations with minimal security that are attached to a core network *
A poorly protected network

Q4. What are three core capabilities of SASE? (Choose three)
Select one or more:
Zero-Trust network access *
Security Fabric management
Data loss prevention *
Next-Generation firewall *

Threat intelligence sharing

Q5. What is the goal of SASE?
Select one:
Provide threat intelligence updates to protect organizations from malicious and sophisticated cyber-attacks
Support the dynamic, secure access needs of today’s organizations by extending enterprise-grade security and networking regardless of location*
Provide real-time analysis of security alerts generated by applications and network hardware
Provide management and deployment of security devices and cloud security services for organizations