FGT NSE 1 Network Security Associate Quiz Lesson 2 — Data Security Perspectives


Q1. In the context of cybersecurity, which definition best describes social engineering?
Select one:
An exploitation of a relationship or interaction to trick a person into divulging sensitive or personal information *
A cooperative method used to develop and improve code
A movement by which engineers are coerced into writing code a specific way
A group of engineers who come together to talk code

Q2. Which definition best describes personally identifiable information (PII)?
Select one:
A means of identifying the author of information
Any information that someone can use to identify you *
A government-issued number that is used to identify a citizen, mostly for tax purposes
Personal preferences, such as favourite settings in applications

Q3. Which description best explains cybersecurity?
Select one:
Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI)
Home and business security, using motion sensors and monitored by a security vendor
Protecting networks, devices, and data from unauthorized access *
Securing cyber advantages over a business competitor

Q4. Identify three examples of personally identifiable information (PII). (Choose three.)
Select one or more:
Credit card *
A one-time passcode sent to your device
Full name *
Biometrics, such as a fingerprint *

Your network login credentials

Q5. Which description best identifies the term malicious code?
Select one:
An unwanted file or program that can cause harm to, or compromise data on, a computer *
Untested code that a vendor releases to the public
Code that does not behave in the manner intended by its author
A program that has flaws in it