FGT NSE 1 Network Security Associate Quiz Lesson 3 — Password Perspectives


Q1. Identify two good password practices. (Choose two.)
Select one or more:
Replace the password at least twice a year.*
The password should be easy to guess.
The password should be difficult to remember.
The password should be unique from your other passwords.*

Q2 .Which two characteristics are examples of poor passwords? (Choose two.)
Select one or more:
A commonly used word or unchanged default password*
A combination of random letters, numbers, and special characters meaningful only to you
A predictable sequence of numbers or words*
A memorable passphrase written as a random sequence of keyboard keys

Q3. Which three methods are examples of online multi-factor authentication? (Choose three.)
Select one or more:
Passport or other government-issued identification
Full name
Hardware token*
Software token*

Q4. Identify an example of a password that best follows the password guidelines in this lesson.
Select one:
J&JwutH2f@P0W *

Q5. Which rule is best to follow for securing passwords?
Select one:
Never leave your password on a sticky note stuck to your monitor. Instead, hide it under your keyboard.
Use something that you would never forget, like the name of your family pet.
Use a predictable pattern of numbers or letters.
Use a combination of seemingly random upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters that is easy to remember but difficult to guess.*