Checkpoint Check license Checkpoint using 'cplic check' command


Sau khi dùng lệnh 'cplic print' để kiểm tra, chúng ta tiếp tục check sâu bằng cách:
Cấu trúc lệnh:
[Expert@HostName]# cplic check [-p <product name>] [-v <product version>] [-c | -count] [-t <date>] [-r | -routers] [-S | -SRusers] <feature>

Các tùy chọn

-p <product name>The product for which the license information is requested.
Examples of products:
  • fw1 - FireWall-1 infrastructure on Security Gateway (all blades) / Management Server (all blades)
  • cvpn - Mobile Access (former Connectra
  • etm - FloodGate-1 (QoS)
  • mgmt - Multi-Domain Management Server infrastructure
  • eps - Endpoint Software Blades on Management Server
  • netso - UserAuthority Server
  • evnt - Eventia Analyzer
  • int - Integrity Server
  • ics - Integrity Clientless Security
  • ips - IPS-1 Sensors
  • services - Entitlement for various services
-v <product version>The product version for which the license information is requested (e.g., 5.0, 6.0).
-c , -countCount the licenses connected to this feature.
-t <date>Check license status on future date.
Use the format ddmmmyyyy (e.g., 14aug2015).
A given feature may be valid on a given date on one license, but invalid in another.
-r , -routersCheck how many routers are allowed.
The <feature> option is not needed.
-S , -SRusersCheck how many SecuRemote users are allowed.
The <feature> option is not needed.
<feature>The <feature> for which the license information is requested.
Use the command cplic print -p to see the list of primitive features in the licenses on the local machine.

Ví dụ
  • [Expert@HostName]# cplic print -p
    Host Expiration Primitive-Features
    W.X.Y.Z never ::CK-XXXXXXXXXXXX fw1:6.0:swb fw1:6.0:routers fw1:6.0:supmgmt fw1:6.0:supunlimit fw1:6.0:prov fw1:6.0:atlas-unlimit fw1:6.0:ram1 fw1:6.0:swp etm:6.0:rtm_u fw1:6.0:fwc fw1:6.0:ca fw1:6.0:sstui fw1:6.0:fwlv fw1:6.0:cmd fw1:6.0:filter fw1:6.0:rtmui fw1:6.0:ui psmp:6.0:psmsunlimited fw1:6.0:vpe_unlimit fw1:6.0:cluster-u fw1:6.0:remote1 fw1:6.0:aes fw1:6.0:strong fw1:6.0:rdp fw1:6.0:des fw1:6.0:isakmp fw1:6.0:dbvr_unlimit fw1:6.0:cmpmgmt fw1:6.0:rtmmgmt fw1:6.0:fgmgmt fw1:6.0:cpxmgmt_qos_u_sites fw1:6.0:sprounl fw1:6.0:blades fw1:6.0:cpipv6 fw1:6.0:mgmtha fw1:6.0:remote